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Standard International Cartridge Aston Leather Ballpoint Pens in Gold

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Fountain Pen Brands that use Standard International Ink Cartridges

As a general rule the following brands accept standard international ink cartridges will their fountain pens. Please check your specific pen to ensure it will accept a standard international ink cartridge.
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Fountain pen ink cartridges can typically be classified into two categories, proprietary or standard international ink cartridges. Certain fountain pen brands are specifically designed so they will only accept their own brand of ink cartridges. Many brands, however, are designed to use a universal size cartridge called standard international ink cartridges. Standard international ink cartridges allow the same ink cartridge to be used with multiple pen brands, therefore you are not limited to the color or selection of one single brand of ink.

One thing to consider when selecting an ink cartridge is the length of the cartridge. Some standard international ink cartridges listed below, such as the Monteverde Magnum cartridge or the Pelikan Edelstein cartridge, will have the same size receptacle but the actual cartidge will be longer so they can hold more fountain pen ink. Not all fountain pens have enough room within the body of the pen to accept these longer ink cartridges.

Shop this page for multiple standard international ink cartridges to use with your fountain pens.

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