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Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens

Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens

About the Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue

Another vintage release, the Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue fountain pen has a color and pattern reminiscent of the original historical 1930s model. The barrel is made of a cellulose acetate with the cap and section of high-quality resin.

Each Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue fountain pen comes with palladium plated trims and a Pelikan bill clip with a matching rhodium plated 14k gold nib. The pen also features a piston fill system.

Presented in a large gift box with a bottle of Pelikan royal blue in a vintage style bottle making if the perfect gift for Pelikan lovers.

Pelikan M101N fountain pen with box

Product Specifications
Length: 4.85 in.
Weight: 0.5 oz.
Nib Material: Gold
Fill Mechanism: Piston
Cartridge Type: Bottled Ink

Available Sizes & Colors
  • Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens - Grey-Blue - Extra Fine (Gold nib)
  • Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens - Grey-Blue - Fine (Gold nib)
  • Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens - Grey-Blue - Medium (Gold nib)
  • Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens - Grey-Blue - Broad (Gold nib)
The Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens usually ships within 1 business day unless otherwise specified.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Fountain Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

FAQs about the Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue

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Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue Video

Video Script

This is the Pelikan M101N grey-blue fountain pen. It comes in a large cardboard gift box. The top of the lid looks like a piece of paper that is printed, the Pelikan logo made to look old. The outer sleeve on the box slides off and there is a cardboard box inside. Included with the pen is a bottle of Pelikan historic blue ink. Once again, the same kind of old label look to it. Also included is warranty, instruction, and information about Pelikan. The pen comes in a leatherette case. The Pelikan logo is embossed on the corner of the flap and, of course, inside the case, we have the Pelikan M101N fountain pen.

This pen has black resin on the cap and the end of the barrel or the knob for the piston, and chrome colored trim. A ring on the cap that attaches the clip, and then two rings on the bottom of the cap of the pen. There is also engraved at the top of the cap, Germany but no other engravings on the pen. There is a ring of grooves on the piston knob so you can grip twist the knob. The pen has a beautiful grey-blue pearlized marble look resin on the barrel of the pen.

The cap is threaded and unscrews and it will post on the end of the barrel of a pen. It has a matching black resin section, and it also has a clear-grey colored ink viewing window where you can see the piston as it actuates and also the ink level as you are using the pen. The pen has a matching silver colored nib with a black feed.

To actuate the pen and fill it with ink, you unscrew the knob at the end of the barrel of the pen and it will run the piston through the center of the barrel, drawing ink into the pen to fill.

Just a great little pen. Pelikan is a great German brand. Get your Pelikan M101N fountain pen at
Retail: $685.00
Sale: $548.00
Ships in 1 business day.

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