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Parker Ingenuity Large Rollerball Pens

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Parker Ingenuity Large Rollerball Pens in Black Rubber Chrome MetalParker Ingenuity Large Rollerball Pens in Black Rubber Chrome Trim


About the Parker Ingenuity Large

The Parker Ingenuity Large pen has a patented writing system and looks like a fountain pen but isn't a true fountain pen. The Parker Ingenuity uses a Parker 5TH refill that has a felt tip. The Parker 5TH technology offers the smooth comfort of a fountain pen with effortless writing and an easy glide feeling. Welcome to the new generation of pens.

With its innovative design and modern look, the Parker Ingenuity is dynamic and stands out and great for travel. The pen is made with a glossy lacquer cap and barrel in either gold or chrome trim. The nib is made from stainless steel and holds a Parker 5TH mode Ingenuity refill in medium(no exchanges). The Ingenuity pen comes with the traditional Parker arrow style clip and engraved cisele© pattern section. The Parker Ingenuity come in a Parker gift box.

Product Specifications
Length: 5.5 in.(139.7mm)
Posted Length: 6.5 in.(165.1mm)
Diameter: 0.5 in.(12.7mm)
Weight: 1.8 oz.(51.03g)
Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Available Sizes & Colors
The Parker Ingenuity Large Rollerball Pens usually ships within 1 business day unless otherwise specified.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Parker Ingenuity Large Rollerball Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Parker Ingenuity Large Video Script

This is the Parker Ingenuity fountain pen. The pen comes with a nice, hard outer shell case with the Parker logo embossed on the top of the box lid, which lifts open. The interior of the case is a nice, soft velvet interior and you can see on the underside of the lid the Parker logo printed in black.

This is the black and gold version of the Parker Ingenuity. You can see the glossy finish on the metallic, or metal, cap and barrel. It's an all metal pen, and at the top of the cap you can see that the Parker logo is embossed there on the top of the cap, and the clip of the pen is a traditional Parker arrow-style clip. At the bottom of the cap you can see that nice, large gold-colored band. It has little divots or dots engraved around the base of that, and it also has the Parker logo engraved on that band.

At the bottom of the barrel of the pen, simple matching gold color medallion matches the rest of the accents on the pen. The cap is a snap on/off style cap, simply snaps off, and can be posted on the pen. I think I prefer using this pen without the cap posted however. It makes it a little top-heavy for my liking, and it's plenty long to use without the cap posted. The grip section on the pen has those knurled sections. I really like that since it's a metal grip section and can be a little slick. Those grip sections help you hold the pen without slipping. You can see the Parker logo there on the nib section of the pen and on the back side you can see the feed.

This pen actually comes with a refill, so to change the ink on the pen you would unscrew this grip section and this is simply just a placeholder for the pen. The refills for the pen are actually under the false bottom of the box, and I'll show you that. The pen comes with a Parker use and care guide and warranty information, and this is the refill for the Parker Ingenuity - the 5th refill. You can see that same kind of feed section and you can see the tip on the pen. It comes with a medium tip with black ink, and every time you are changing the refill you are gonna be changing this tip on the pen, so you are actually changing the writing tip that you use. A little different design, a little different look. The Parker Ingenuity though, it's a great-looking fountain pen. I really like the style and the look of it. It's a little unique. Get your Parker Ingenuity fountain pen at!

Parker Ingenuity Large Reviews

quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
Overall rating:
out of 5
(2 reviews)

This is a really beautiful, substantial pen. Feels great in the hand and the writing mode is unique.

Osage Beach, MO
5 out of 5
overall rating 5 out of 5
quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
Not has heavy as I like. It has a felt tip and isnt a true fountain pen. It writes smoothly and ink flows very well. To change ink the entire refill inluding tip will be new. However it adapts to writing style quickly and no fountain pen issues.

Garland, TX
4 out of 5
overall rating 4 out of 5
quality rating 4 out of 5
function rating 4 out of 5
style rating 4 out of 5
value value 4 out of 5

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