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Van Diemans Huon Midwinter Festival Ink

Van Dieman’s Huon Midwinter Festival Ink Review & Giveaway

This week, we’ve got another Van Dieman’s ink for the weekly review and giveaway! Van Dieman’s Huon Midwinter Festival fountain pen ink is from their Tassie Seasons ink series. If you haven’t read any of our recent reviews featuring a Van Dieman’s ink (there have been a few recently), you might not know that this

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Van Diemans Tasmania Vine Purple Ink Bottle

Van Dieman’s Tasmania Vine Purple Ink Review & Giveaway

This week’s ink review and giveaway features Tasmania Vine Purple ink from Van Dieman’s Original Fourteen Colours of Tasmania Series. A new brand Pen Chalet introduced in 2020, Van Dieman’s brings a great variety of fountain pen inks to the table, and we’ve been nothing but happy with the response we’ve received from their inks.

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