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Colorverse Mariner 4 Ink Bottle

Colorverse Mariner 4 Fountain Pen Ink Review & Giveaway

Have you heard about the tiniest new additions to the fountain pen ink world? Colorverse recently released their new Colorverse Mini Series of inks, and many fountain pen enthusiasts are head over heels for these little guys. Who said small couldn't be fantastic? Today's ink review will focus on one of the inks included in

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Colorverse Office Series Black Ink

Colorverse Office Series Black Ink Review & Giveaway

We recently introduced Colorverse's newest ink series: the Colorverse Office Series Ink. We also recently reviewed another ink from this same series, Colorverse Office Blue ink. This week, we'll be featuring Colorverse Office Series Black fountain pen ink. Read the full ink review for all the details (and don't forget to take advantage of the

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Colorverse Office Series Blue Ink

Colorverse Office Series Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

You’re absolutely right. We just did an ink review and giveaway of another Colorverse ink (Colorverse Glistening Ham fountain pen ink) last week. But today’s ink review features an ink from Colorverse’s newest ink series, and we were too excited. We had to go ahead and provide an official introduction to the long-awaited Colorverse Office

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Colorverse Life on Mars Ink Bottle

Colorverse Life on Mars Ink Review & Giveaway

Colorverse Life on Mars Ink is part of Colorverse Ink Company's Season 5 series. Known as "The Red Planet" series, it offers several pairs of inks containing two bottles (65 ml. and 15 ml.). The pairs feature complementary colors, a common Colorverse ink "seasons" or ink series setup. Todays' Pen Chalet ink review features Life

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