Colorverse Glistening Ham Ink Bottle

Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink Review & Giveaway

If you love Colorverse’s popular Ham fountain pen ink and you tend to crave fountain pen inks boasting special traits, you might want to take a minute to consider Colorverse Ham Glistening fountain pen ink. Colorverse’s new ink series, the Glistening Series, takes some of their most popular inks and creates a brand new line of inks with a few distinctive differences (advantages in the minds of many): special glistening trait, for sale as singles, and availability in a smaller bottle. Read on for all the details (and for the chance to enter to win the bottle of fountain pen ink used for this week’s fountain pen ink review!)

All About the Ink Maker: Colorverse

Colorverse manufactures their inks in Korea (all 80+ Colorverse ink colors). And this Korean ink company produces fantastic colors. The only thing more fantastic about their high-quality inks than their colors may be their themes. Utterly unique, it’s hard to pick a favorite (we love “space” themes, but even that doesn’t help us because their themes are all so top-notch). One of the most notable things about this prolific ink company is that many of their inks are offered in pairs. For instance, when ordering inks from the following Colorverse ink series, you receive a pair of fountain pen inks, one in a 65 ml bottle and the other in a smaller, 15 ml bottle (both bottles of the same color fountain pen ink:

We’re not complaining about the paired fountain pen inks. We think they’re great fun. We appreciate the flexibility of having different sized bottles of some of our most-heavily used inks (one for the office and one for home, for instance), and we are often pleasantly surprised by their color pairings. Over and over, we have discovered a love (and a great need) for ink colors we may never have picked if it weren’t for the ink they were paired alongside.

However, there is a possibility of a few small problems with paired fountain pen inks:

  1. Sometimes you desperately want one ink, but you don’t necessarily want to buy that second color of ink.
  2. Sometimes you love them both, but one of them is an everyday ink (that you end up needing to replace), and the other is not an everyday ink and will pretty much last until the end of time.
  3. There’s a price increase when you’re purchasing two bottles of ink, bringing you a total of 80 ml in comparison to lower-priced ink purchases of single, smaller fountain pen ink bottles.

So, if any of these thoughts or situations have ever kept you from falling hard for Colorverse inks, check out all the ink series they now offer in their new 30 ml bottles, (not in pairs):

This week’s featured ink is from Colorverse’s Glistening Ink series.

All About the Ink Series: Colorverse Glistening Ink Series

This week’s featured ink is from the Colorverse Glistening ink series. The Colorverse Glistening inks are single bottles (30 ml), not double bottle packages like other Colorverse series of inks (examples above). Colorverse offers a wide variety of exciting and high-quality inks, and they handpicked some of their most popular inks (previously only available as part of a set) to highlight in this particular series:

  • Brane
  • CAT
  • Felicette
  • Ham
  • Hayabusa

We can’t wait to see which ink they decide to add to the Glistening Series lineup next. Pen Chalet carries a full range of Colorverse inks. So, to learn more about the different inks currently available from Colorverse or to see what Colorverse ink sample sizes are currently available, check the inventory at Pen Chalet.

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink

Ham Glistening ink is a lovely, deep blue teal color with a glistening sparkle with medium saturation. Previously, Colorverse Ham Glistening fountain pen ink was only available as a pair of 65 ml/15 ml fountain pen ink bottles in the Colorverse Trailblazer in Space Series (which offered a 65 ml bottle of Ham fountain pen ink alongside a 15 ml bottle of Ham Glistening fountain pen ink).

** Don’t stop now. Keep reading for a chance to win the bottle of Colorverse Ham Glistening fountain pen ink used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review. (Or if you’re still cultivating the art of patience, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the link to enter this week’s giveaway).

Colorverse Glistening Ham #65 Ink Review & Giveaway

Read the full Colorverse Glistening Ham Ink Review.

It’s Time: Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink Review

For this week’s ink review, we had some fun with Colorverse Ham Glistening fountain pen ink. We ran it through all the tests to find the different characteristics and traits that fountain pen lovers need to know when choosing their new favorite ink. If you are considering adding Colorverse Ham Glistening ink to your collection, read the full review below for all the details, so you know what to expect!

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

Each week we list the “controls” in our review/experiment in this section. For instance, while reviewing Colorverse Glistening Ham fountain pen ink, we used a J Herbin spiral glass dip pen (with a tip similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib) on Rhodia dot pad paper. Remember, different papers and nib sizes may produce different results!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Colorverse Use?

Colorverse Glistening Ham ink is a bottled fountain pen ink that comes Colorverse’s single 30 ml. oval-shaped bottle with a flat front. It’s the new standard ink bottle used for Colorverse’s 30 ml. ink series. The flat front creates a simple focal point for the sticker indicating the ink color, and the bottle also has a wide-mouthed opening for an easy fountain pen ink fill. As always, the Colorverse packaging is quality. In comparison to Colorverse’s larger, two bottle set packaging, you may notice Glistening inks have a little bit less ink swag, and stickers included. Still, the ink series’ packaging has an overall solid presentation.

How Much Does Colorverse Glistening Ink Cost?

Colorverse Ham Glistening ink is a mid-ranged priced fountain pen ink for the 30 ml. quantity. Even more exciting, you can find discounted pricing at Pen Chalet.

How Did Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink Fair in the NEW 1 Dip Test?

Colorverse’s Ham Glistening fountain pen ink performed well during our newest test, the 1 Dip. Test. We used the one dip test to see how far one dip could write on paper. Dipping the pen into Colorverse’s Ham Glistening ink one time, we were able to very easily write across the paper on all three writing samples with ink to spare. We used one dip per writing sample. Writing samples included: S, X, and scribble lines (see the photograph of the samples above).

How Fast Does Ham Ink Dry?

Colorverse Ham Glistening fountain pen ink had a dry time of approximately 13-15 seconds. We found this typical for a medium to high saturation glistening or sheening ink (Colorverse Ham Glistening ink has medium to high saturation).

Does Colorverse Ham Ink Bleed Through?

During normal use of Ham Glistening fountain pen ink, we saw no bleeding, but there was slight bleeding during the heavy saturated cotton swab test.

Was There Any Feathering While Using Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink?

During normal use, we saw no feathering. We did see some slight feathering during the water test.

How Does Ham Glistening Ink Stand Up to Water?

This week’s ink is not a waterproof fountain pen ink. However, we always include a water test in the review. (For the water test, we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before running a wet cotton swab over the sample). After putting Colorverse Ham Glistening ink to the water test, we saw heavy color smearing only, which is typical for a dark color. The lines were legible with some slight distortion.

Does Colorverse Ham Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

We saw some possible slight shading traits while reviewing Colorverse Ham Glistening ink if you have a nib that allows ink flow variation like a stub or italic nib. The ink showed a lot of shimmer/glisten with a bit of sheen at the wettest points.

Final Conclusion on Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink:

This mid-ranged priced ink made by the well-regarded Colorverse ink company is a nice and dark teal blue color with a slightly longer dry time of 13-15 seconds. Part of Colorverse’s new Glistening ink series featuring some of the most popular inks previously only available as a part of a pair of inks, Ham Glistening ink comes in Colorverse’s smaller 30 ml. bottle. So, you no longer need to purchase the larger set to obtain this popular Colorverse ink color.

When using a Colorverse Glistening ink (or any high sheen or shimmering/glistening ink), we recommend you clean your pen periodically (usually every week or so) to avoid unwanted clogging of the nib and feed. We suggest using a good fountain pen cleaning solution, such as Pen Chalet’s Fountain Pen Flush, for periodic cleanings.

Happy writing from Korea!

Enter to Win Colorverse Ham Ink from the Glistening Ink Series:

Enter to win the actual bottle of Colorverse Ham Glistening Ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review:

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Jovan Trujillo
3 years ago

That’s the best color transition I have seen in a while. Older shimmering inks always shimmered to some shade of purple or pink. I like this one better.

Austin Roy
3 years ago

A nice blue/teal color. Looks like it shades pretty well too!

3 years ago

My dream ocean-colored ink!

Nikki Glasgow
3 years ago

I am stoked to know that they are releasing single bottles now. I’ve wanted this color for soooo long! Great review!

3 years ago

Any chance Pen Chalet might carry Vinta or Sailor Ink Studio inks at some point? I’d love to see those, especially the Vintas, reviewed. Thanks for the giveaway!

3 years ago

How about some truly red inks to review?

3 years ago

Neat colour, thanks for the review 🙂

Natalie M.
3 years ago

I love a good blue ink – this one is beautiful! 🙂

Alexander King
3 years ago

Maybe this time…nice color!

3 years ago

I haven’t tried Colorverse inks yet. This colour looks beautiful. Also liking sailor ink at the moment

Ged Alangui
3 years ago

Oceanic shades in this ink. I love teal and I have yet to try Colorverse. My Lamy Pacific is closest to this blue.

Klarissa Maria
3 years ago

Lovely blue/teal ink! I only tried Colorverse Gravity Wave before so would be great to get an opportunity to try this new ink.

Heather Burke
3 years ago

Hmm these are interesting inks, but I have not been game to try one yet.

3 years ago

A lovely color. Excellent review.

Pastor Ron Parish
3 years ago

There are more ink manufacturers and ink colors than I can count. You do such a wonderful job with your reviews. How about reviewing some of the old standby inks while we’re going through this COVID-19 lockdown; that would be wonderful.

3 years ago

I love Colorverse inks! I have a bottle of Glistening CAT that is awesome, so I may have to grab a bottle of this too!

Roy c
3 years ago

Ham, perfect for Easter

John Wolf
3 years ago

Pretty 😉